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We are offering a special rate of £10 (approximately $15) per day to advertise in our two columns to the right of the news articles. These will be permanent ads, not rotated with other advertisers, so it’s strictly a first come, first served basis on how high your advert appears. When the top creative comes to the end of its run, the others below it will move up. Advertisers may of course pay for multiple days in advance. Size of creatives must be a maximum of 160 wide and 600 vertically.

To pay, please click the button below, select the desired web site from the dropdown menu, and don’t forget to state your company and/or web site address

in the space provided. You can pay via Paypal or their secure Credit Card payment option (for which you do NOT need a Paypal account).

When payment has cleared, please email your creative (or a link to it online) to

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