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No Deal With Emirates Would Shut Down A380 Program, Predicts Leahy

Outgoing sales chief believes the A380 is an “aircraft whose time will come,” but it needs to go through a period of low demand before additional orders emerge.

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Problems Aerospace Still Has To Solve

On the horizon for aerospace and defense

Efficiency, emissions, noise, speed, affordability, accessibility—all challenges ahead for aviation and aerospace.

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Boeing, Embraer Mull Combination That Could Reset OEM Industry

The No. 1 and No. 3 makers of large commercial aircraft, Boeing and Embraer, are in talks to formally align, although the Brazilian government appears to be the main hurdle, the companies and financial analysts said Dec. 21.

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Commercial Spending Will Lead MRO Field In 2018

Comparing civil, helicopter, business aviation and military MRO forecasts for 2018

How do MRO markets compare across aviation sectors for 2018?

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FAA Releases Drone ID And Tracking Recommendations

The FAA will craft a proposed regulation from the recommendations of a broad-based advisory group that met this summer to consider ways to remotely identify and track drones. However, the group ultimately could not agree on a weight or capability thr…

Asia-Pacific Will Lead Coming Surge In Engine MRO Demand

Strong growth projected for new-generation and legacy powerplants

Aviation Week predicts that the global engine MRO market will increase in value by nearly one-third durin…

Boeing: We Cannot, Will Not Stop Bombardier Trade Dispute

Boeing is beyond the point of no return in its price-dumping trade dispute against Bombardier, company representatives told reporters Dec. 15, and the results are expected to be finalized by Washington officials the week of Dec. 18.

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