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Embraer’s Pratt-Powered E2 Crossover Jet Readied for Launch

Sponsored by Pratt & Whitney

Embraer’s E2 program is running on time for an April 2018 entry into service.

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No Deal With Emirates Would Shut Down A380 Program, Predicts Leahy

Outgoing sales chief believes the A380 is an “aircraft whose time will come,” but it needs to go through a period of low demand before additional orders emerge.

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MRJ Program Nears Completion Of Redesign

Rearranged MRJ avionics are being made but the design of new wiring harnesses is not yet complete.

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Booming E-Commerce Sector Drives Air Cargo Demand

Though belly capacity increasingly helps meet the demand, there is still a need for widebody freighters.

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Crossover Jet Manufacturers Targeting Southeast Asia

For crossover narrowbody jet manufacturers, the challenge is to convince carriers there is a need for their aircraft, both operationally and financially.

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European Carriers Look To Latin America For Growth

European airlines are establishing new routes to Latin America, where they see demand on the rise.

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Premium-Seat Weight On Long-Range Flights Could Mar Bottom Line

Some airlines are discovering that premium seats are heavier than expected and threaten the economics of flying extreme ranges.

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MC-21 Narrowbody Flight Tests Symbolize Russian Sector Ambitions

Development of new civil aircraft in Russia takes place against the backdrop of a recent surge in demand in domestic and international air travel.

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Problems Aerospace Still Has To Solve

On the horizon for aerospace and defense

Efficiency, emissions, noise, speed, affordability, accessibility—all challenges ahead for aviation and aerospace.

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Aerospace Propulsion Highlights Of 2017

Engine technology developments in 2017 included advances in open rotors, hypersonics, and electric propulsion.

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2017 Unmanned Aviation Highlights

From drone deliveries to endurance records, unmanned aircraft continued to make headlines in 2017.

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Boeing, Embraer Mull Combination That Could Reset OEM Industry

The No. 1 and No. 3 makers of large commercial aircraft, Boeing and Embraer, are in talks to formally align, although the Brazilian government appears to be the main hurdle, the companies and financial analysts said Dec. 21.

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Spotlight on Aerospace Startups Attracting Venture Capital

Following on the heels of success for SpaceX and other “new space” startups, venture capital is flowing into other aerospace startups, from advanced materials to urban air transport.

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New MRO Regulations To Expect In 2018

Several aviation safety agencies plan MRO-related rulemakings

Regulators around the world still trying to remove any possibility for aviation accidents or losses of life. …

Key Milestones Loom For New Civil And Military Engines

Adaptive technology, ultra-high bypass and gears drive new engine developments

The gas turbine continues to evolve and advance, even as interest accelerates in alternate p…

Deeper Pockets, Same Strategies Seen After New Tax Law

Past is prologue for the A&D industry in the new U.S. tax regime passed by Republicans, according to executives and analysts.

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Spurring Vigorous Avionics MRO Market

Retrofits lead a growth phase for the avionics-upgrade market

Market for avionics retrofits showing strong growth in response to ADS-B mandates and older aircraft remainin…

Opinion: The Great Jetliner Ramp-up In Perspective

A reality check on the rosy outlook for airliners

Market demand for new aircraft can support continued growth through 2019 and even afterward.

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Electric Propulsion Moves Forward In Development, Eventual Deployment

Much work needs to be done electric-powered aircraft, looking toward the day they will be cleared to fly in national airspace.

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Commercial Spending Will Lead MRO Field In 2018

Comparing civil, helicopter, business aviation and military MRO forecasts for 2018

How do MRO markets compare across aviation sectors for 2018?

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